Sierra Automated Systems, the company synonymous with the best in audio routing and network design for 25 years.

Sierra Automated Systems is a privately held company, founded in 1988 by Ed Fritz and Al Salci in Burbank California.

Today, Sierra Automated Systems has a complete product range of digital audio network routing, mixing, console control, and integrated intercom and talkback systems. The Company’s equipment is in use by hundreds of broadcasters and networks, in major, medium, and small markets.

Sierra Automated Systems’ first major product was the Sierra Automated Systems 32000 Routing Distribution System, the broadcast industry’s first summing audio router. The legacy Sierra Automated Systems 32000 still in use and still supported today. Some of the original launch customers are still re-ordering the 32000 for new facilities.

Over the years, Sierra Automated Systems router solutions evolved into what is now a completely digital based system expandable up to tens of thousands of channels, with multiple router frames connected together via fiber.

In 2003, Sierra Automated Systems introduced the Rubicon Digital Broadcast Console Control Surface, integrating broadcast on-air and production mixing into an already industry-accepted routing and mixing system. Over the next 10 years, the company would expand on their console solutions which now incorporate four mixing surfaces, two DSP based router solutions, and a wide range of communications and control accessories.

The Sierra Automated Systems Digital Audio Network now has an impressive list of users: stations in New York, Los Angeles and every other top 25 market, major programming networks, educational stations, even medium and small market stations enjoy the benefits of an SAS plant.

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Sierra Automated Systems