Wiring and Accessories for all Sierra Automated Systems Console Control Surfaces and Routers.



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1 RU Standalone Dual Stereo Loudness Meter. It incorporates two completely independent SAS world famous stereo level meters with phase indication. Each of the two meter dynamics are switchable from VU/PPM, Volume Units with Peak Program meter or LU, Loudness Units. These meters are more useful for production purposes than the traditional peak and VU meters of yesterday.

GPI interface

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GPI - 1600


1 RU Remote Control interface panel with 16 optically-isolated DC inputs and 16 relay-isolated outputs that are used for a variety of control functions: machine control, on-air light switching, radio keying, and much more. The GPI-1600 interfaces via RS485 serial to the router's DRC remote control module or to one of the RIOLink's RS485 ports.

Sierra Automated Systems makes studio and TOC wiring easy. 32KD and RIOLink audio I/O, opto/relay, and serial control lines terminate in high-density EURO, RJ21 (amphenol/centronics type) or RJ45 connectors on the rear panel. We can also provide custom wiring breakouts to XLR connection panels, ADC blocks, 66 blocks or patch panels.

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32KD Cables

Cables SAS provides cables in standard lengths of 15 and 25 feet, or special order any custom length to interconnect the rear of the 32KD to the Krone blocks.

The 32KD uses high-density 96-pin Euro connectors for analog audio and serial data, and 50-pin RJ21 connectors for digital audio.

Cable, Euro to two RJ21 connectors along with a Krone block is used with:
  • KAI-16 Analog Input card
  • KAO-16 Analog Output card
  • DRC-16 Serial Interface card
Cable, RJ21 to RJ21 connector along with 1/2 a Krone block is used with
  • KDI-16 Digital Input card
  • KDO-16 Digital Output card
  • GPI-1600 Opto connection
  • GPI-1600 Relay connection



RIOLink Cables

RIOLink Rear panel The RIOLink uses RJ21 cables for all audio, data, opto and relay connections. It takes (7) RJ21 cables to fully wire a RIOLink.

SAS provides cables in standard lengths of 8, 15 and 25 feet, or special order any custom length to interconnect the rear of the RIOLink to the Krone blocks.

  • Audio Inputs - use 2 cables & 1 Krone block
  • Audio Outputs - use 2 cables & 1 Krone block
  • GPI/GPO - use 2 cables & 1 Krone block
  • RS-485 Serial - use 1 cable & 89D-2132 block.



RIOLink with RJ45 Connectors

RJ45 RIOLink We also offer a RIOLink that uses RJ45 connections in place of the RJ21 connections. This allows customers to use standard network cables to wire their audio, logic and data directly to the RIOLink.



Krone Blocks

Krone Blocks

The Sierra Automated Systems-standard wiring system utilizes a special version of the ADC/Krone Series 2 K110 Blocks. The Sierra Automated Systems/Krone block is equipped with two industry-standard RJ21 connectors wired with an internal CAT5 twist to the IDC terminals to maintain impedance integrity necessary for AES/EBU digital audio. The 89D mounting bracket is included.

These blocks provide far better performance over older 66-type blocks, with twice the density. One unique feature is the center disconnect port, which makes the Krone block a fully-functional patch field. A range of Krone test plugs and cables allow bridging or breaking of the connection for testing, monitoring, and jumpering, without removing any wires.

The silver-plated 45 degree angle IDC is designed to reduce wire stress, deliver a gas-tight connection, and provides a stronger, more reliable hold. It accepts two conductors of 20-26 AWG solid or stranded wire. Connections are guaranteed for greater than 200 re-terminations.

The blocks snap easily onto standard 89D brackets, and the blocks can then be mounted directly to a wall or on Krone mounting frames.


SAS 89D-2132 Block

89D-2132 Blocks

The SAS 89D-2132 block is most often used to break out an SAS serial port connector into a bank of RJ45 connectors to allow SAS consoles and control panels to be connected with standard networking cables. By connecting a power supply to this panel, you can provide power over the network cable to further ease the installation of SAS Turret and Router Control panels. The two sides of the 89D-2132 block are mirror images, allowing one block to work with 2 RIOLink or 32KD serial connectors.



SAS 89D-8x4 Block

89D-8x4 Blocks

The SAS 89D-8x4 block is used to facilitate audio con- nections to SAS turret panels. Using standard network cables, you can take audio outputs (or inputs) and use this block as a distribution and power insertion point for SAS headphone amps, meters and USB turrets. Dip switches allow for flexible configuration to suit any studio needs.

Both SAS 89D Series blocks mount on standard 89D stand-offs (included) and are only slightly wider than a standard punch block.


SAS Rack Mount RJ45 Breakout Panels

Rack  Mount RJ45 panel SAS offers a rackmount option for your RJ45 connections as well. This panel provides 3 independent RJ45 breakouts for audio, data, optos or relays.



Custom Wiring Options

XLR Panel Got a need for some other type of cabling solution? SAS can provide almost anything you can dream up. In the past we have provided XLR breakout panels, wiring harnesses to patchbays or ADC ICON blocks, cables with ELCO connectors or even just pigtail harnesses. Let us know what you need and we'll figure out a way to deliver it.