Engineered by the name synonymous with the best in audio routing since 1988. Basic 32x32 analog or digital routers up to multi-frame digital systems handling many thousands of channels.



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The hub of the Sierra Automated Systems Symphony Suite, the 32KD Digital Router/Mixer provides switching, distribution, mixing, level control, signal processing, intercom, IFB, and mix-minus... all in one modular, distributed scalable routing system. The 32KD is expandable to up to thousands of inputs and outputs, at one location or spread throughout a facility connected via fiber.

Each 32KD mainframe supports up to 512 input channels and 512 output channels. Multiple frames interconnect via the Sierra Automated Systems ANI Audio Network Interface high-capacity fiber link, which carries up to a thousand or more channels.

Designed for ease of service and maximum reliability, all modules and power supplies plug in from the front; no need to climb into the back of the rack fishing between bundles of cables. Separate modules handle analog inputs, AES/EBU digital inputs, analog outputs, AES/EBU outputs, AVB AoIP, Dante AoIP, AAC-LC streams, G.711 streams and serial interfaces.


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RIOLink performs like an "extension cord" to the 32KD, linking 32 channels of audio in and out, 16 serial RS485 control ports, 16 GPI optos and 16 GPO solid-state relays. RIOLink's audio inputs and outputs can be all digital, all analog, or half of each.

The RIOLink also functions as a full-featured stand-alone 32x32 mixer/router that fully supports connected Rubicon, SL or Rubi-T console control surfaces. Connect two RIOLinks for 64x64 routing and mixing, analog or digital.

In a 32KD installation, RIOLink provides "breakaway" backup: When disconnected from the 32KD, RIOLink continues to provide full console operation with its local sources.

16000 and 16000D

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32x32 Audio Routing in a compact 2 RU package. Front-panel source and destination control with alphanumeric display. Built-in audio confidence monitor. Works with all Sierra Automated Systems router control panels, soft panels, Router Control Software, and Automation.

16000 provides 32x32 channels of analog routing, either all mono, all stereo, or mixed. A "slave" version is available without the front panel controls.

16000D provides 32x32 channels of AES/EBU digital routing.


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The original modular Sierra Automated Systems mixer/router, the Sierra Automated Systems 32000 is now superseded by the 32KD Digital Audio Router. First introduced in 1988, hundreds of 32000s are still in use and still supported by Sierra Automated Systems. Add-on hardware is available for existing systems.


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For many years the ultimate large-frame analog and digital router, the Sierra Automated Systems 64000 is now superseded by the the 32KD Digital Audio Router. Sierra Automated Systems continues to support the 64000 installed base with add-on hardware available for existing systems.