The Sierra Automated Systems Connected

Digital Network

Connectivity of all the different types of audio coming into and going out of your facility is the road of future-thinking facility design. Sierra Automated Systems is behind the wheel and ahead of the curve with our Digital Networked Products, the complete system of audio routing, mixing, distribution, intercom, IFB, and automation.

At the hub of this network is the Sierra Automated Systems 32KD Digital Router/Mixer. Connected at the spokes are Sierra Automated Systems RIOLinks, SAS console control surfaces, router control panels, intercom stations, audio codecs, digital storage and delivery systems, production editors, computer controllers, audio streamers and much more.

The SAS Connected Digital network has the features and performance needed today and the flexibility to adapt as your operation evolves. The Sierra Automated Systems Network Product line is the digital future, here today.

We can handle it all!
The SAS 32KD is the center of our network- managing any type of audio you can serve up.

Analog and AES audio- We handle both with outstanding audio specifications and unmatched flexibility.

Talkback, IFB and Intercom- SAS is the only manufacturer to include complete intercom and communications functionality - including tally logic - in their router systems.

Audio over IP- (Synchronous, linear, low latency) - We utilize the IEEE standard AVB interface to connect to any other AVB compliant device. And with AVB you get the benefit of guaranteed delivery of your AoIP signal - something no other AoIP protocol can deliver. Who else is behind the AVB movement? Names that might surprise you: Cisco, Intel, General Motors, Yamaha, Peavey, Harmon, Avid, and dozens more. Visit to get the full list and learn more about the AVB advantage.

Audio over IP- (Synchronous, linear, low latency) - SAS supports the Dante Audio over IP protocol. Instantly connect to any other Dante enabled hardware device using standard layer 3 ethernet switches. Focusrite, Symetrix, E/V are just some of the Datne partners you will be able to link up with. For the full list visit

Automation System Connections- (Synchronous, linear, low latency AoIP) - SAS can interface to your hard drive automation system without the need for expensive sound cards. We offer multi-channel virtual sound cards for Apple's OSX core audio platform as well as an ASIO or WDM version for Windows users.

AAC-LC - (Asynchronous, bit-reduced, Audio over IP) - SAS can send and receive AAC-LC streams without the need for another codec. We support variable bitrates so you can balance your bandwidth and get connected.

G.711 - (Asynchronous, bit-reduced, Audio over IP) - SAS offers a second format of bandwidth friendly AoIP. Our G.711 is perfect for solving lots of basic AoIP communication issues.

USB - SAS offers a USB interface to bypass the low quality on-board sound chipsets used in most laptops. It can also be used in place of very expensive professional sound cards in your audio editing PCs.

RIOLink - Don't forget about these! The SAS RIOLink serves as a mini 32KD providing audio, DSP, logic and data connectivity in studios, transmitter areas, STL penthouses, or anywhere else you need to get connected.

SAS Audio Consoles and Networks

In this white paper you’ll see who’s using SAS!. . . . . . .   Learn about the design philosophies, strengths and features of SAS products. . Learn which console model fits your needs. . . . . Includes Selection Chart

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